10th Year of Chicago Booth/Kellogg School’s Financial Trust Index Shows an Uptick of Public Faith in Markets

A decade after the financial crisis, average faith in market institutions is recovering—especially among high-income individuals and Republicans—while trust in government is on a downward trend

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Why do investors seek out stock swindles?

Some investors buy suspect stocks for the thrill of it, even when they know better

The chance to get rich quick by investing in a penny stock, even if it is widely suspected that the stock price is being manipulated, is too tempting for some investors to resist.

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Would you pay $20 a day to lease a luxury car?

New research from Chicago Booth finds that people perceive more benefits from their purchases if they make payments on a periodic basis

Merchants and charities alike understand that advertising their product for “just pennies a day” is an effective way to convince consumers to make a purchase.

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Chicago Booth Stigler Center launches new podcast on capitalism with Professor Luigi Zingales

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Why is change so hard? 8 tips for managing change

Leaders from the Joffrey Ballet, McDonald’s and the U.S. Export-Import Bank talk to Chicago Booth about the delicate art of navigating change

Initiating, managing and implementing change is one of the hardest challenges for any leader. How do you get people to accept a new idea as valuable and worthy of their attention? What can leaders do to help their organizations embrace change?

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How much should a victim be compensated for emotional suffering?

New study finds lay people award less compensation to someone incurring an emotional loss if that person also incurs a small economic loss

If a company sends one of its workers to a crime-ridden neighborhood to repair a leaking roof and the worker is held up by gunpoint, has his wallet stolen and is so terrified that he can’t return to work, how much should that crime victim receive for his emotional suffering?

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