The Complexity of “Cause Marketing” Campaigns

New study finds that campaigns offering discounted prices may backfire when paired with donations.

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Machines and the Modern-Day Labor Market

New report discusses how the prevalence of automated machines impacts jobs, employee value and wage inequality.

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Peer Pressure in Parliament?

Study finds that current and former seating assignments impact how members of the European Parliament vote.

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Forgiving Males, Firing Females: Women in the Workplace Face Harsher Discipline

New study finds that women working in the financial industry are punished more severely than male coworkers after instances of misconduct.

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Competing for Customers at the Cinema

New study finds that successful mobile marketing campaigns have to do more than just slash prices.

As the 2017 Academy Awards ceremony approaches, moviegoers are flocking to theaters to see the season’s most critically acclaimed films. While customers are constantly in search of discounted tickets for what has become an expensive night at the theater, cinemas are also in stiff competition with one another for business.

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