Five MBA Students Named 2018 Siebel Scholars, One Named McGowan Fellow

Booth scholars join elite groups of students at the world’s leading graduate schools

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Alumni Amy and Richard Wallman give $75 million to support the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

University of Chicago Booth School of Business alumna Amy Wallman, MBA’75, and alumnus Richard Wallman, MBA’74, have made a $75 million gift to the University, building upon their legacy of philanthropic support of students and faculty.

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What’s behind the taboo of doping in professional sports?

Researchers find that it’s not a question of fairness, but rather that people oppose breaking the rules and worry about potential health risks to athletes

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Looking for a job? You may have only 9 days to apply

New U.S. database tracks job vacancies and applications, shedding light on the hiring process and labor market conditions

Economists often treat hiring as a sequential search process. An employer receives an application, screens and perhaps interviews the candidate, and then makes an offer or waits for the next applicant.

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How overcoming demands on attention can help alleviate poverty

Living in poverty puts additional and overwhelming demands on attention that impair decision making; small changes in policy can make a big difference

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