Tarek Hassan wins Kiel Excellence Award in Global Economic Affairs

Tarek Hassan, an assistant professor of finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, has been named a winner of the 2013 Kiel Institute Excellence Award in Global Economic Affairs.

The award is given annually to leading researchers 35 years old or younger who study macroeconomic issues.   A selection committee evaluates candidates based on the research they have written.   Hassan and three other winners will receive the award at a June 23 presentation at the Kiel Institute in Kiel, Germany.  In addition to the award, winners receive a Kiel Institute Research Fellowship to study in Germany.

Hassan said being chosen for the award is an honor.

“As an academic you rarely get unambiguously positive feedback,” Hassan said.  “We are trained to constantly critically evaluate each other’s work. This is, of course, important and even essential to the scientific method, but is also often not very uplifting.”

Even when editors, referees and colleagues really like something you have done, there will always be a ‘but this and that really needs more work or is not up to scratch.’”

This award is one of the rare occasions someone will tell you, ‘Well done’ — no qualifications.”

Hassan won the award based on three of his research papers: “The Social Cost of Near-Rational Investment” (with Thomas Mertens), under revision for The American Economic Review; “The Economic Impact of Social Ties: Evidence from German Reunification” (with Konrad B. Burchardi), forthcoming in The Quarterly Journal of Economics; and “Country Size, Currency Unions and International Asset Returns,” forthcoming in The Journal of Finance.

“The list of previous prize winners is very impressive, almost all of them have gone on to do great things later in their careers,” Hassan said.

Hassan joins Booth colleague Veronica Guerrieri,  professor of economics, who received the same award in 2010.  The other winners this year are Nancy Qian of Yale University, and Ricardo Reis and Pierre Yared of Columbia University.

The Kiel Institute Research Fellowship that each winner receives provides an all-expense-paid research visit to the Institute, including research support.

“A major benefit is to spend time with the other three prize winners, who all do very interesting work,” Hassan said of the weeklong research stay.

For more information on the award, visit http://goo.gl/fMXSG.

Hassan, who joined Booth in 2009 after completing his Ph.D. at Harvard, studies international finance, economic history and macroeconomics.  He received the Austrian Central Bank’s 2009 Klaus Liebscher Award for best paper on European Monetary Union and Integration Issues for his paper “Country Size, Currency Unions and International Asset Returns.”

Hassan currently teaches an MBA course in investments, and has taught courses in trade policy, international finance, macroeconomics and more.

More information about Booth is available at ChicagoBooth.edu.